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Would you like to change your mind? Not on a decision you’ve made, per se, but in the way you think – your mindset. Learning and applying the skills and techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can help you to. You can change your outlook on life through the use of words, and retrain the way you perceive things. You can even set up guideposts to a more successful, purposeful future that you direct and control. The NLP Practitioner Course provides the knowledge you need to gain control over your mind and your life.

The NLP Practitioner Course begins by guiding you through the mind. You’ll consider your current beliefs and subconscious drives. You’ll learn how your thought patterns and habits form, and how short-term and long-term memory works. You’ll identify how your thinking may be flawed and how to get unstuck. You’ll familiarise yourself with NLP assumptions and internal representations – what they are and why they’re relevant. And then you’ll learn about Identifying Schemas and Cognitive Distortions and how they may apply to us.

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

The NLP Practitioner Course is perfect for those looking to learn NLP and use these skills and techniques in their own lives or to help others as an NLP coach. NLP coaches can work in various industries such as business, sports, coaching and health and wellness. The certification provided upon successful completion of this course will enable you to gain insurance to set up a practice as an NLP coach.

Module 1 - Role as an NLP Practitioner

Module 2 - Reframing Negative Self-Talk with DBT Techniques

Module 3 - The VAK Model and Submodalities

Module 4 - Internal Frame of Reference and External Frame of Reference NLP Meta Program

Module 5 - NLP Timelines for making change

Module 6 - Building Rapport

Module 7 - Building Rapport

Module 8 - Working with metaphors

Module 9 - Behavioural modelling

Module 10 - New behaviour generator

Module 11 - Accdelerating personal and professional growth

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Enrolled: 50 students
Duration: 200 Hours
Video: 30 Hours
Level: Beginner


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