Coding for Beginners Diploma Course

The Coding for Beginners Diploma Course is designed for those with little or no experience. You’ll learn the fundamental ideas of coding. Build on basic skills to more advanced ideas. And learn how to use basic JavaScript and CSS, plus a host of other valuable skills.

Taking the Coding for Beginners Diploma Course, you’ll begin your coding journey by looking at what JavaScript is. Learn how and why it’s used and the positives and negatives of the programming language.

Explore the essential elements of JavaScript. Discover how line breaks, spaces and letter cases all impact the meaning of code in JavaScript. Learn about variables, functions, keywords, comments, assigning, ‘else’ and ‘if’ statements, and loops.

Delve into arrays and how they work. Examine the importance and use of strings. Discover the properties, methods and use of objects in coding programs. Learn what events are and their use in web development and coding.

By studying this course, you will learn about:

  • Coding languages and their benefits
  • JavaScript Basics – what it is and its uses
  • JavaScript elements, including variables, keywords, functions, operators, arrays, strings, objects, and events
  • The basics of forms
  • CSS basics
  • Common pitfalls for programmers and how to avoid them.

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

The Coding for Beginners Diploma Course is ideal for newcomers. It is also suitable for those with some previous coding experience who want to learn coding at a basic level.

You’ll learn how to increase the speed of your daily work or personal life practice. You’ll become more confident in using JavaScript and able to undertake fundamental coding-related tasks.

Module 1 - Introduction to coding

Module 2 - JavaScript basics

Module 3 - What are Operators?

Module 4 - The importance of Arrays

Module 5 - Strings introduction

Module 6 - Objects introduction

Module 7 - The usefulness of events in programming

Module 8 - Form basics

Module 9 - CSS (cascading style sheets)

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Enrolled: 54 students
Duration: 150 Hours
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Level: Beginner


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